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Welcome to the KRF Management website.

KRF is a rental housing provider in the University City section of Philadelphia. Our offerings are conveniently located for affiliates of the University of Pennsylvania and the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Near enough to walk, bike, or skate to campus and also served by the schools’ van services. Yet far enough away to minimize, if not totally avoid, the noise and congestion inescapable in a high-student-density environment.

KRF is fully booked for the 2013-2014 rental year

KRF is now fully booked for the 2013-2014 rental year. If you're presently seeking accommodations in the University City section of Philadelphia, we suggest you check the website of the University of Pennsylvania, Office of Off-Campus Living at If you're going to be new to the area, you might find some of the resources below helpful.

To learn more about KRF in particular, or the University City off-campus rental scene in general, you may wish to check the following on-line resources:

If you're not in the area, and it's not possible for you to visit before you plan to take up residence, you may want to consider the option of renting an apartment sight-unseen. This obviously isn't the best of all possible worlds, but it's better than getting stuck with nowhere convenient or affordable to live, or in a place that makes you feel uncomfortable. You might want to check our essay, Click here: Renting an apartment in University City sight-unseen ( rent sight-unseen.htm) This is an unbiased, if slightly jaundiced, bit of advice because we don't want an unhappy tenant any more than you want an unsatisfactory housing provider.

For information not covered on this website, call Al Krigman at 215-349-6500. Or – better – email

Our office, conveniently located to serve our tenants at 211 S 45th Street, between Locust & Walnut:


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